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People commonly forget about their roofs until disaster strikes and they are looking for Roof Replacement in Sacramento. But because the roof accounts for almost 1/3 of the exterior part of any building, it is a really important part of the structure – one that deserves careful consideration on a regular basis.

A solid roof that is built with excellent materials and installed by professionals can easily last for 30 years or longer. This is especially true when it gets the routine maintenance and repairs that a roof requires thanks to California weather. If you’re thinking that it is about time to replace your roof, call My Home Renovation Inc.

Whether your roof is asphalt shingles, metal, tile, wooden shakes or something else entirely, it will need to be replaced eventually. Sometimes contractors will say your roof needs to be replaced every 15 or 20 years regardless of their condition, but that’s not MHR’s philosophy. We only recommend replacing a roof when you really need to, so if your roof is 15 years old but is still in good condition, you can trust the experts at My Home Renovation Inc. to give you an honest assessment.

If you do need a new roof, My Home Renovation Inc. has the know-how and tools that are required to get the job done right. A roof is a complex system, and like all complex systems, every component has to be installed to exacting specifications to do its job. When you hire MHR, you’ll know that the job will be done right the first time, giving you tremendous peace of mind. It’s simply the best way to guarantee that the job gets done right.

So, when should a homeowner call in a roofing contractor? Here are a few times when calling the roofer becomes priority number one:

However, if it’s time to trade that old roof in on a newer model, there is no more qualified roofing team in the Sacramento area than the one you’ll find at My Home Renovation Inc. With more than a decade of roof replacement experience in California, our technicians are experts when it comes to assessing the condition of your roof and giving you an honest, professional opinion about whether or not it’s time for a replacement.

Water Damage Inside

When a homeowner starts to see water stains on the ceiling and walls, a roofer needs to come in immediately. Water damage can start as small spots on the ceiling or it might come as a deluge. Look behind furniture occasionally to verify no problems exist.

Signs in the Attic

Getting up in the attic is something a homeowner should do every once in a while. If the underside of the roof shows water damage, a call to the roofer needs to happen. Dripping water is another sign of trouble.

Long Distance View

Step back and take a look at the roof. Standing at the edge of the property or even further back gives a big picture of the roof. Are there any sagging areas? Check the roof line. Any sagging is something a roofer needs to check immediately.

Close-Up Inspection

Get up on a ladder and take a look at the roof up close. Broken shingles can lead to leaks. Shrunken caulking can lead to water infiltration. Moss on the shingles can lead to water retention. A roofer needs to look at these conditions up close.

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