Below is a video which shows the process of our ultimate 4-layer system. We also offer a 3-layer system, a 2-layer system, and a highly reflective paint system. Before this process even begins, we conduct a 10-step preparation process.

We not only give you 4-layers of protection… We give you options.

Our SupremeShield System is the ultimate of all the coatings systems available anywhere! This system utilizes all four layers of protection and comes with a 30-Year warranty.

For those looking for an alternative coating system that still offers great protection but without the ThermaShield. This can also be a choice on optional walls that may have less exposure to the elements. Comes with a 25-Year warranty.

This is an excellent alternative for those looking for something better than a paint job and still better than other typical 2-layer systems such as ceramic based options. Our highly reflective SolaShield is still part of this option. Comes with a 25-Year warranty.

This system requires the same preparations as the other systems and was developed from the same technologies as our coating systems. 25-Year warranty.

Removes dirt, grime, oils, mold and mildew.Specifically formulated to prepare surfaces for coating.

The glue that holds it all together. We are the only company that uses a bonding agent and we specifically formulated SureBond for our systems.

A stain blocker and sealer that keeps tannins from bleeding through. We do not spot prime or just apply PrimaShield to wood…we PrimaShield everything!

Absorbs temperature that passes through the SolaShield and helps to maintain temperature not only protecting the SolaShield but keeping interior temperatures cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Applied at 20 mils thick which is about the thickness of a credit card.

The final step and the layer which is specifically formulated with color pigments of your choice. Highly reflective and was tested to have Solar Reflectance that exceeds alternatives. The remaining temperature that passes through the SolaShield is then absorbed by the ThermaShield.

This system requires the same thorough preparations as the other systems but is a paint developed from the same technologies as our coating systems but offers an economical alternative.

All-Weather Coatings is the last paint job your property will ever need. Actually, it is much more than a paint job. All-Weather Coatings is an epoxy-hybrid, single-component wall coating system with cooling properties, superior bonding characteristics and all weather protection that will last a lifetime.

Almost any property looks great the day after it’s painted, but what about a few years down the road? Nature can really take a toll on a building’s exterior, leaving concrete, stucco and wood surfaces exposed to the elements. This is why a product that provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays, wind and wind-driven rain is so important to the longevity of a building’s exterior. The right exterior wall protection system can dramatically impact curb appeal and the value of a property while reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. All-Weather Coatings are backed by decades of proven success in application.

Our coating systems are designed to give you options to meet any budget. Each of our options provide better protection and longevity than painting.

Here Are Just a Few of the Outstanding Properties of This Exterior Paint Job Replacement

  • Longevity – It comes with up to a 30-year transferable warranty from chipping, peeling or flaking. “Never paint again” is our slogan for its long term investment qualities.
  • Class A fire and smoke rating
  • Mold and mildew resistant – It’s also less likely for wood rot to occur due to the properties of the sealer.
  • It is permanent – It permanently bonds with any paintable surface.
  • Flexibility – It expands and contracts with changing temperatures. The Thermal Shield has an elasticity of 640% of its original size.
  • Breathable – It has a breathability (perm) rating which ultimately allows moisture within the home to escape and prevent exterior wall rotting.
  • Variety of colors to choose from – The color is integrated within the Sola Shield Top Coat. This layer includes high levels of Titanium Dioxide which reflects approximately 87% of the solar heat.

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