4 Ways to Tell When to Replace Your Home Windows

4 Ways to Tell When to Replace Your Home Windows


You should check out our previous article What Type of Windows Are the Best for Your Home?  It has a lot of good information on how to make an informed decision about your window purchase.

In this article we’ll discuss 4 ways to tell when to replace my home windows.  Most of the time there are factors that lead into knowing when to replace a window or try to fix it.  Here is a list of helpful tips on when to replace my home windows.

Can You See Damage or Decay?

Being able to see damage can be fairly straight forward.  Is the glass broken?  Is the frame broken or allowing air through?  But there can be issues that are harder to see.  There is weather stripping that can rot away.  Dry rot can happen to wood that sees a lot of sun or harsh elements.

In wet weather water can accumulate and begin to cause mold issues.  Fixing weather stripping issues early is critical to preventing damage further down the line.

Replacing a small thing might be easy, but if the window needs to be removed it can be costly.  Knowing when it’s going to cost more to fix the problem is important.

Was the house built before 1970?

Before the 1970’s it was very common to use lead-based paints and asbestos.  Windows from that era could still be coated with that lead-based paint.  This could cause illness in your home.
Letting a contractor identify situations where this might be the case is important if you find yourself unable to tell.  For more about Asbestos you can read more here.

Extreme Temperature

A lot of people are used to walking by a window and feeling cold or warm energy from outside seeping in.  This is not normal and can be fixed.  Often times seals will break down under and this can allow openings that can let the outside environment in.

Fixing inefficiencies like this can help lower energy and heating costs.  It is important to take all factors into account with your contractor.

Is it Even Worth Fixing These Windows?

Price does matter.  When considering your options remember that repairs cost as much if not more.  DIY projects are personally satisfying but are often trying and potentially dangerous.  Let a professional, like our guys at My House Renovation Inc. come assess your windows.

We can reach out to you once we know a couple of things about you and your project.  Our staff is trained to get details from you about your project.  We want to hear about what is important to you.

Do You Think You Need Windows?

Evaluate any damage to your windows.  Dry rot and mold damage can lead to worse things if they aren’t taken care of early on.  Damage to the glass or window frame is fixable, but where one window is weak, others can follow.

How old is your house?  Is lead paint a possibility?  Have a professional evaluate your situation.  Don’t let your family get sick from lead-based paints.

Get temperature fluctuations fixed.  This will help your energy costs drastically. Keeping you comfortable and warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Knowing when a window is worth fixing, and when it’s worth replacing is important.  Don’t let the hope that this is just a problem with one window prevent you from doing the right thing.

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