7 Services Offered By Roofing Contractors

In our last part we covered what 4 qualities to look for in a roofing contractor.  In this article we’ll cover the core services you should be looking for in a roofing company.  When looking for a contractor it is important to consider what the project entails. A breakdown of any project consists of the consultation, presite project assessment, project management, permits and city permission, installation, and clean-up/disposal of materials.

A professional will be able to clearly outline for you the stages of the project.  They’ll be able to give you a breakdown of costs and offer financing options, if necessary.  This is all to assure that your comprehensive roofing service and installation is completely transparent to you.

It is common to be curious about what you are getting for your money, and want more information about costs and services.  To be seen as professional and helpful it is critical to be open and honest about what services a customer should expect to pay for.  So we have outlined 7 services offered by roofing contractors.

Internal Operations

This is not a service, but more a way of doing business, which affects every service a business offers. So this is a bonus topic, but it should be a priority when understanding what to expect.  If you can find a company that offers exceptional service through good business practices, you’ll get exceptional results.

Customers should expect the service provided to meet or exceed their expectation.  Sales associates that are fully knowledgeable on all aspects of the remodeling process to educate potential customer on the scope of work.  Outlining details for customer review so customers feel confident in their investment.

Production staff will meet with the customer to review what work is to be performed.  Planning is implemented, financing is setup, materials and labor are scheduled, permits can be pulled, inspections are scheduled, and the project is ready to begin.  Once there is a firm start date, the contractor will arrive with equipment to begin the construction process. The customer can be assured that the job site will be orderly and clean throughout the installation process.  Taking time to check that quality control of installation standards are met and the customer is fully aware of progress expectation throughout the day.

Once the job is complete, a final job site clean up to pick up any loose debris from the project and nails.  The customer is then able to walk the job site with a representative to review the workmanship and confirm satisfaction.


In the consultation you will work with a representative to begin to qualify you for the roofing system that best matches your needs.  The representative will discuss with you what products and deliverable services best fit your needs. This will involve an onsite visit to the property to assess the state of the existing roof, and the home under it.  During the consultation the customer will be introduced to many aspects of the project. You should leave the consultation with a complete understanding of the replacement process.

Pre-Site Project Assessment

The pre-site project assessment is where we discuss timelines, forecast concerns, and perform an individual home needs assessment for future phases of the project.  In order to successfully execute our project a contractor need to work closely with their customer. Staying in communication throughout this process helps everyone to feel heard and understood during the process.  The personalized needs assessment will help attune our process to your custom situation.

Project Management

In this phase we will use project management software to begin to outline the project.  This will help us to coordinate with various assets within the project. Scheduling can begin to happen with all the different delivery services and freight that may be involved.  Ordering the system from the manufacturer can happen. Labor can be scheduled. Waste removal and any miscellaneous scheduling that needs to happen can be initialized.

Permits and City Permission

Getting the city sign off is critical to success.  This means scheduling the city officials to get inspections, and going to pull permits.  Any discoveries that need attention could require additional permits. Being on hand to attend inspections requires planning and experience.


The most visible phase of the project.  In this phase we will remove the old roof, prepare the workspace for the new system, and install the system.  We work hard to minimize the exposure to the elements that your house will face without a roof. Extreme heat or cool weather, and wet weather can damage your house under the roof.

It’s important to note roofs can be installed during light rain.  A single dry day is needed to remove the existing roof, repair any existing dry-rot damage, and get the roof “watertight”.  It can then rain and work can continue as long as it is not a danger to installers. A typical roof can be fully replaced with new gutters between 3 and 4 days.

Clean-Up and Removal

The old roof must be properly disposed of.  In the planning phase we will have scheduled with waste removal companies to come pickup the old roof.  This will finalize the installation of your roofing system.


After the installation you will be given support documentation.  This will help to give you direction if you should need assistance with your roofing system.  Having a certified roofing contractor install your system can drastically increase the warranty your product carries.  Your roofing contractor can offer more details to your individual system.


At their core roofing contractors are removing and installing a new roofing system.  But a lot of effort goes into that to make everything run smoothly. Certified roofing contractors offer more options than those that don’t carry certifications from the manufacturers.  Make sure your roofing contractor is certified by the manufacturers they carry. Also make sure that they understand their products so that they can connect customers with the right products and services.  Often certified roofing contractors are better at planning projects because they have support from the manufacturer.

Typically contractors that take the time to understand their process, they can help to take away any concern you might have.  Ask them questions, they want to make sure that you are getting precisely what you want. An experienced roofing contractor is going to be proud of their work.  They understand that it is important to give the customer a good performing roof, that looks nice and functions for many years.

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