What Type of Windows Are the Best for Your Home?

What Type of Windows Are the Best for Your Home?

If you haven’t had a chance to get caught up you should check out our last part about 8 Critical Components That Make A Window or Door Energy Efficient?

In this part we’ll cover what type of windows are the best for your home.  In order to determine what windows are the best for your home we need to look at several factors.  What climate do you live in? What style of home do you have?  Special features and protection such as UV coatings.  Finally, there’s affordability, which is critical to any decision.

What Climate Are You Living In?

For windows EnergyStar breaks climates into for categories.  They essentially break down into:

  • Cold
  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Hot

Depending on which climate you are living in will dictate the needs you’ll have to the elements in your region.  Where My House Renovation Inc. is located we are in the warm climate.  It’s not uncommon to install windows with multiple panes of glass, UV coatings, and features that are designed to withstand regional climates.  But nearby there’s the Sierra Nevada region, which is cold for some of the year, and warm for other times of the year.  Finding a contractor that knows the needs of the region can help you figure out the perfect fit for your situation.

Style of Home

Do you want to increase your curb appeal or home value?  Considering what aesthetic you are going for, a contractor can help you with what is available.  There are many style options available and added curb appeal can mean increased home value.  So working with a professional to help dial in the style you are considering is important.

Comfort and Protection

Different quality windows can have different levels of protection and comfort technology in them.  Keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter is a challenge with older windows.

Newer windows offer features that not only offer energy efficiency, but ultraviolet protection.  This allows the inside of your house, and valuables near the window, from getting as much ultraviolet damage over time.

Some windows offer more than 2 panes of glass, this offers better impact resistance.  It also offers better energy efficiency, helping to lower energy costs.


What will a window project cost?  This will vary based on your situation.  But for customers in the Sacramento region, you can contact My House Renovation Inc. to get details on what your specific costs might be.

Financing options are available.

How Do We Know What Windows Are Best?

Working with a professional to determine the windows that are best for your region is critical.  Identify aesthetics that match the curb appeal of your property.  Understanding that these windows are an investment and can protect your home is important. And being aware of financing options will help you identify which windows are a perfect fit for your needs.

In the final article in our series we’ll discuss 4 Ways To Tell When To Replace My Home Windows.

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